Persuading Dr. Mitzmacher to have a shorter day

How to make your students very happy!!!!!   Do you want your students to be the happiest students ever? This is how to make your students the happiest students ever. To give your students a shorter school day!!!

They will do this,


  1. More time for homework
  2. Do more work at school 
  3. We can read more


More time for homework.

We can take longer to think about homework.

We can get more done before dinner.

We won’t be too tired after school. We can end earlier so we have more time for homework.


Do more work at school 

We will focus more on school work and get more done.

We will start on time.

Take work we did not finish home.




We can read more

When we get home we can read.

But when we are finished with homework.

We can finish more books.

We can read more.


That is how you get your students to be the hippest in the world!!!!!! 


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