Hot chocolate online!

In Hebrew class we made hot chocolate. It was so much fun! what we did is went to the kitchen and then the teachers would say what to do so like they would say put milk but they would say it in Hebrew. that was really fun! If we wanted we put some stuff in the hot chocolate. like, chocolate, marshmallows, and some cookies on the side. It was so good! If you go on the the OJCS blog grade 5 and go down you will see it. How about you make some hot chocolate with friends or anyone you want. P.S It is super fun!



בשיעור עברית הכנו שוקולד חם. היה כל כך כיף! מה שעשינו זה הלך למטבח ואז המורים היו אומרים מה לעשות כך שהם היו אומרים לשים חלב אבל הם היו אומרים את זה בעברית. זה היה ממש כיף! אם היינו רוצים שמנו כמה דברים בשוקולד החם. כמו שוקולד, מרשמלו וכמה עוגיות בצד. זה היה טוב! אם תעבור לבלוג OJCS בכיתה 5 ותרד אותו. מה דעתך להכין שוקולד חם עם חברים או עם כל מי שאתה רוצה. P.S זה כיף במיוחד!


Hi so last week we learned in French the verb faire. Here is the conjugation.

je fais

tu fais

il-elle-on fait

nous faisons

vous faies

ils-elles font

Here is a video that you can watch.


I hope you guys liked my post!



Wonder – Advice for Auggie

Dear Auggie,

Hi, this is Summer! I wanted to say that I can help by talking with Jack Will. Would you like me to do that? I can if you want me to.

Just come back to school. I miss you so much. We can sit together but if you are gone we can’t sit together, we can also make a new summer table. When you are gone I have no one to sit with so I am lonely. I will miss you if you go back to homeschool. There are more people in the school and just forget about Jack Will you have ME! I hope this helps you and please come back.

From Summer

Responding to an article.

My opinion on mask-wearing is We have to protect yourself and others because we don’t want to get sick.


My experience of mask-wearing is  we have to wear masks at school all the time so we are very hot after. But it is protection for us and others.


I agree with Dr Kiltzman when he started to say that “ masks are hot and uncomfortable”. i feel this way to when i have to wear my mask in school.


I disagree with Dr Kiltzman when he said “but i can’t eat or drink with a mask on”. there is a special mask that people can buy that they can wear will eating maybe he can get one


But the rest I agree with because that is right.

Thanks for reading or listening.

Here is a link to the article.

The digestive system!

I really liked learning about the Digestive system. It is really cool and MissM made it easy to learn because there are videos that help. The best thing that helps me focus on that was my own space and a quiet classroom. Another thing was my friend helped and showed me now how it works.

What we did was we read an online workbook then we watched video’s where we looked inside the digestive system. We had a worksheet to do about it, and then we made a model of the digestive system! You put the string and measured each part, like the mouth we had to measure from our ear, along the jaw to the mouth. It was really fun I loved doing all of that! 😀

Science is going to be good. it’s really fun we are learning so much and we all LOVE science!


Social Studies Quiz!!!!!! :D

Last week I had my first Social Studies quiz on the map of Canada.

One thing I know really will right now is the mapping.

Next, I want to work on is the capital city’s.

One thing that helped my study a lot was quite, focus and hilt the provinces, territories and water.

But the quiz was fun. 😀


Here is a site that help me do the mapping.


Phineas and Ferb

Hi my blog post will be about a tv show the tv show is called Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas and Ferb is about Phineas and Ferb build stuff everyday with there friends and there sister try’s to tell there mom but the thinks keeps diapering they also have a palapas and it keeps diapering because it is a sacred agent. but at the end he comes back.

Phineas and Ferb takes place in franc.

I will tell you who the people are in Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas, Ferb, Candic parry the palapas, Linda, Lawrence, Isabella, Baijeet, Buford, Jermyn, Stacy, Suzy, Heinz, Vanessa, major, Charlena.

That is all you need to know about Phineas and Ferb now if you want you can go watch it. It is on Disney+!  Thank you for reading!!! 😀Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb's Rockin' Rollin' Dance Party - Holiday Edition

Persuading Dr. Mitzmacher to have a shorter day

How to make your students very happy!!!!!   Do you want your students to be the happiest students ever? This is how to make your students the happiest students ever. To give your students a shorter school day!!!

They will do this,


  1. More time for homework
  2. Do more work at school 
  3. We can read more


More time for homework.

We can take longer to think about homework.

We can get more done before dinner.

We won’t be too tired after school. We can end earlier so we have more time for homework.


Do more work at school 

We will focus more on school work and get more done.

We will start on time.

Take work we did not finish home.




We can read more

When we get home we can read.

But when we are finished with homework.

We can finish more books.

We can read more.


That is how you get your students to be the hippest in the world!!!!!!